The Residents Association

The village has an active Residents Association who meet once a month, on a Tuesday evening at 7:30pm, at the Fleece Inn.

All residents are welcome to come along and contribute thoughts and ideas. If you have time, we also welcome volunteers to help out with the many community development initiatives and events that the Association is involved with.

Current activities include:

  • The proposed renovation of the Insitute building on Meal Hill Road
  • Maintenance and operation of the public toilets and phone box library.
  • Organisation of the annual Garden Party, Produce Show and other events
  • CCTV installation
  • Allotment building maintenance and repairs

Any residents wishing to see minutes of any meetings may do so by request. Please contact us here.

Here’s a little insight into the work of the Resident’s Association from Kate Griffin…

Toilets and the Tour de France.

Perhaps Holme Village should be twinned with Clochemerle, the fictional French village, in which there was much conflict around the installation of the urinal in the village square. But the year was 2013 not 1933 and our toilets were under threat. Kirklees was no longer prepared to look after them. Furthermore, the Tour de France was coming through the village in July 2014. The prospect of all those visitors, sixty thousand in the event, and no facilities for basic human needs did not bear thinking about. Action was needed, serious community action.

On top of that there was concern about the allotments. And then there were rumours about the playground. And the perennial problem of weekend parking… And what to do with the Village Institute… It was time for the good burghers and burgheresses of Holme to take control and pick up the reins of government that were wrested from them in the thirties. A mini-Brexit, maybe? Or should that be Hexit? And so they did and thus was the Holme Village Residents Association born.

It is now in its fourth year and going from strength to strength. There have been parties and picnics, art trails and story—telling. Bill and Jean Mackie very generously open their beautiful garden each year for a Garden Party. In 2015 the first Produce show was held in the Howards’ Barn. Last year it was held in St David’s Church Hall and will be again this year on 23 September. There are further projects afoot: an ambitious and much needed refurbishment of the Village Institute to return it to its role in the village as a venue for groups, classes, social events and meetings. A newsletter has been mentioned.

Every now and then there is a muttering from people that something called “community spirit” is dead. There is a harking back to the fifties. I hated the fifties, what I can remember of them. It was so easy to put a foot wrong, especially as a child. There may have been communities but it was easy to slip the wrong side of the fence, and there were some very prickly fences. Sometimes this phenomenon called “community spirit” is spoken of as if it were as arbitrary and fickle as the weather. Just something that happens and then moves on. No, community spirit happens because people care and care enough to do the hard task of organising and working together to get the stuff done: the trestle tables moved; the garden worked on for months beforehand; the books collected; the rotas set up; the cakes baked; the information publicised.

One of the things that Kirklees did well was supply the village with literally miles of bunting for the Tour de France. And that is brought out from someone’s attic or barn to adorn the village yet again. See the bunting strung across the street and you will know that there is “summat afoot in Holme”. Community spirit is alive and well in millions of communities throughout the world, not just up the road in our village. And it starts with a smile.

Kate Griffin.