Community Centre – Welcome

Creating a community hub to enhance village life

Welcome to the Holme Village Community Centre.

We are a rural village in West Yorkshire.  Working together with the local community we plan to renovate a dilapidated historic building in the village of Holme into a shared community hub.

Dating back to 1839 the building, locally known as the Holme Institute is located in a Conservation Area and has a long and interesting history. In recent years it has fallen into disrepair and requires extensive renovation to bring it back into use.  

In collaboration with local people we have identified a need for a shared community facility that will have a positive impact on the village and surrounding area.

Our vision is to create:

‘a thriving, inviting and sustainable community hub that is available to all.’

This community-run facility will be a versatile space where we can run events, classes, after school facilities and provide health and wellbeing support.


We are seeking donations to help us fund the renovations. Even a small amount would be much appreciated. Click on the button to visit our GoFundMe page and make a donation.

We’re located at:

13/15 Meal Hill Road

Progress photos to follow