Our story

Our journey began in 2017 when the Holme Village Residents Association identified the need for a local community hub. It was felt that a community centre would provide a much-needed facility that could be used to host many of village fundraising events. These fundraising events are essential to make sure the village has the funds it needs to maintain village assets and support local improvements.

In addition, the facility would provide a fantastic place for communities from the surrounding area to come together and take part in events, learning opportunities and health and wellbeing sessions.

Finding a location for the community centre was easy, the Holme Institute located in the centre of the village had fallen into a state of disrepair and was ripe for renovation.  Developing this space into a community centre would not only allow us to create the hub the village needs but would preserve and enhance the villages local heritage.

In 2017 the Residents Association created a charitable trust ‘The Holme Village Community Centre’ and ownership of the Institute was transferred to the trust. Once this was completed it was time for the hard work to begin . . .

The building has a long and varied history

  • 7th April 1884. The old mill at Pinfold Street (Meal Hill Road) was bought on behalf of the members of Holme Liberal Club.​

  • 2th January 1885. The Holme Liberal Club moved in with a grand opening on 23rd May 1885. ​

  • 13th October 1894. Lady members were admitted. ​

  • July 1930. The club ceased its association with the Liberal Party and changed its name to the Holme Village Institute. The principal objective was changed to “promote the social enjoyment of its members”.

  • 1980’s. The Institute ceased as a location for social functions.